Bitcoin milestones

bitcoinSince 2009 there hasn’t been much which has had such a rollercoaster ride as the Bitcoin. In the beginning, a BTC was basically worthless, but recently it has surpassed $17,000!

Here are some milestones and dates (approx.) when they were reached:

$1Feb 2011 – April 2011
$100Spring 2013
$1000November 27th, 2013
$2000May 20th, 2017
$3000June 12th, 2017
$4000August 12th, 2017
$5000September 1st, 2017
$6000October 20th, 2017
$7000November 2nd, 2017
$8000November 19th, 2017
$9000November 26th, 2017
$10000November 29th, 2017
$11000November 29th, 2017
$12000December 6th, 2017
$13000December 6th, 2017
$14000December 7th, 2017
$15000December 7th, 2017
$16000December 7th, 2017
$17000December 8th, 2017
$17153December 7th, 2017

The more recent (2017) values were obtained from CoinDesk, and the dates are based on CET/CEST.
Do you want to know what the Bitcoin is worth right now? Take a look at CoinDesk 😎


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