What are the nutrition facts for the various flavors of beef jerky made by BeefJerky.com?


The good people at BeefJerky.com produce several delicious flavours of beef jerky. Here are the nutrition facts (per oz. /28 g) for some of their flavours:

nameCalories/servingCalories from fatTotal FatSaturated fatMonosaturated FatCholesterolPotassiumSodiumCarbohydratesDietary FiberSugarsProteinVitamin AVitamin CCalciumIron
Space Cowboy95172 g1 g1 g21 mg127 mg358 mg13 g1 g7 g13 g0%4%0%5%
Time Warp Teriyaki114334 g1 g2 g40 mg178 mg259 mg8 g0 g7 g12 g0%4%0%5%
Solar Flare95324 g1 g2 g29 mg233 mg652 mg7 g2 g2 g11 g0%4%0%5%
Lunar Eclipse113334 g1 g2 g40 mg178 mg258 mg8 g0 g7 g13 g167%0%34%4%
Galactic Garlic95334 g1 g3 g40 mg209 mg794 mg2 g0 g3 g14 g0%4%0%5%
Drunk Astronaut103243 g1 g1 g28 mg148 mg389 mg10 g0 g9 g9 g386%13%60%5%
Final Frontier80101 g0 g?30 mg?770 mg<1 g?0 g17 g0%4%0%20 %
Extraterrestrial801010.5 g?20 mg?650 mg1 g0 g1 g18 g0%4%0%5%
Hickory Horizon95334 g1,5 g2 g40 mg209 mg794 mg2 g0 g0 g14 g32%0%37%5%
Trans Fat 0 g for all flavours.
(the information has been obtained from labels of a batch received end August 2017. % refers to DV)

[Disclaimer: I can promise you the information shown here is identical to that on the product labels. However, I can not give any guarantee that the product labels themselves are correct.]

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