What is trigger “vulnerable_unverified” at Shodan?

The “vulnerable_unverified” trigger on Shodan indicates that a potential vulnerability has been detected in a system or device, but it has not been fully verified. This status means that Shodan has found signs of a known vulnerability, but further validation is needed to confirm its presence. Shodan, a search engine for internet-connected devices, uses automated […]

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What is the Bilodeau sieve?

The Bilodeau sieve is an identity/identify concept, created by Robert J. Sawyer. From Wonder, the 3rd instalment of the WWW-trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer: The Bilodeau sieve, developed by Marie Bilodeau of the RCMP, was based on a simple premise: the specific websites and blogs regularly accessed by a person are idiosyncratic to that person.

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Is PPTP insecure?

Yes. PPTP is (and always has been) insecure. It is a very common protocol (present in Microsoft Windows ever since Windows 95). There are several known security issues with PPTP, and it’s likely that intelligence agencies (and perhaps others?) decrypt PPTP with ease. It may be easy to set up and available on many platforms,

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