Mark Harmon & Gregory Smith

Is it just me, or do Gregory Smith & Mark Harmon look quite alike? Everwood is on TV now, and Gregory Smith looks like he could be the son of Mark Harmon, in my opinion…

Maybe someone can have a heart-to-heart chat with Terrea Smith and ask her about that one wild night with Mark? 😉
(No, to my knowledge there is no consanguinity between Gregory & Mark, but the Internet just happens to be a perfect place to warp the truth a little…) 😉


38 thoughts on “Mark Harmon & Gregory Smith”

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  2. Mark Harmon is far and away better looking than Tom Cruise (who is more “cute”) and Mark is far sexier too, in my opinion. In fact, I’d venture to say that Mark (whom I’ve seen in real life, hubbahubba) is the best looking man I’ve ever seen – and NOOOO cosmetic surgery and NO vanity, either. If he were single, he’d be the catch of the universe.

  3. john watchorn

    I don’t mean Mark Harmon but it was Mark Damon in Johnny Yuma – still the likeness is amazing even if the name is wrong!!!

  4. john watchorn

    Just watched a 1966 spaghetti western “Johnny Yuma” starring a young Mark Harmon and he looks amazingly like Michael Weatherly (Denozo) in NCIS. Anyone else seen the likeness?

  5. Yes, loved Mark Harmon ever since St Elsewhere. Gorgeous. However, think Greg Smith looks more like David Duchovny. Guess he’s just got one of those faces …

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